Basic mobility for anyone

If you ever experience low back pain or other general tightness (who doesn’t?!), you need to incorporate a flexibility routine into your day! Whether you workout or not, you will benefit from this routine.

Joe DeFranco says it so well that my fellow Personal Trainers and I at Anytime Fitness of Cedarburg have been recommending this routine to everyone we come across for a couple years now.

All you need to get through this routine is a foam roller and a lacrosse ball.  If you don’t already have these two tools in your possession, head to the nearest sporting goods store as soon as you finish watching the video!

This routine serves as a great warm up to any type of exercise or, do it at home as part of a daily mobility routine.



–Limber 11 Routine–
Foam Roll IT Band
Foam Roll Adductors
SMR Glutes (lax ball)
Bent-knee Iron Cross
Rollovers into V-sits
Rocking Frog stretch
Fire Hydrant circles
Mountain Climbers
Cossack Squats
Seated Piriformis stretch
Rear Foot Elevated Hip Flexor stretch