Just try!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you just TRY. A couple weeks ago I had had a crazy busy exhausting week at work (and it was only Wednesday).  I had low expectations for my standing climbing date that night but I wasn’t going to bail on my belay buddy. But somehow I seem to have some of the best workouts when I’m exhausted. Exhibit A- that night I started climbing routes a whole grade harder than I have been!

I see so many people afraid to try new things, whether in the gym, with outside activities/adventures, or even in their professional lives.  FAILURE is not a bad thing! FAILURE is part of the journey.

I challenge you this, the next time you are afraid to try something, say, increasing the weight on your deadlifts or riding on a certain road with a certain hill, just DO IT! You may not make it all the way up that hill without having to walk part of it, OR, you may just surprise yourself and make it all the way up! But you’ll never know where you are if you don’t give it a shot.