Short-on-time, do-anywhere workout

I’ve had some pretty good workouts this week, Tuesday was a strength day where I focused on upper body, and Wednesday and Thursday I rode my bike for about an hour and 20 minutes each day.  Looking ahead at my weekend, I know I won’t be able to workout on Saturday, and Sunday is looking iffy so I wanted to get a quick workout in today so I would feel better about taking a day or two off.

I usually stick to free weights when I workout, but today I wanted to mix it up so I did my whole workout (minus cardio) on the TRX.  My brother showed up at the gym right on time to join me.  He also uses primarily free weights so he got a change of scenery too.  We both wanted to focus on upper body and core work today.

I started with a warm up  of 25 minutes on the AMT.  Then we did this:

3×5 TRX Pull ups
3×5 TRX row
3×5 TRX chest press or push ups
3×5 TRX plank w/ row
3×5 TRX pike plank
3×5 TRX knee tuck

For a high intensity cardio burst between sets I did 3x1min on the stair climber at 130 steps/minute.  I finished with a 5 minute cool down on the upright bike and a few minutes of stretching.

Try out this workout on your own and let me know what you think! Feel free to substitute the cardio bursts for something else, just keep it high intensity.  If you are really short on time, just do a 5 minute warm up of your choice, but don’t skip the cool down.  This workout could be completed in less than 30 minutes and can be done anywhere you have TRX.