Quick TRX Abs

Here is a sneak peak of a TRX workout I put together for a friend recently. This is a quick ab workout you can do by itself or add on to the end of a workout for an extra punch.

Do each exercise for 2 sets of 8 each.


➧Start in plank position. To get there, start face up and put toes in straps. Flip over bringing your top leg/strap in front of the other strap.
➧You should be able to hold a plank in this position for at least 45 seconds before progressing to any of the next exercises.



TRX Pike Plank
➧Start in plank position
➧Pulling your belly button in towards the spine, lift hips keeping legs straight until your upper body is almost vertical.
➧When returning to plank, be careful not to drop your hips to low.



TRX Knee Tuck
➧Start in plank position
➧Bend your knees and crunch beneath you. Return to plank and repeat.



TRX Side Crunch
➧Start in plank position
➧Bend knees and twist to one side to crunch. Return to plank and repeat. Alternate sides.