About Jessica

Throughout high school and college, I worked for my school newspapers and loved working on the layout design. With a naturally organized and creative mind, I love taking puzzle pieces of content and presenting them in aesthetically pleasing ways whether it be in newspapers, websites, or eLearnings. My time as a personal trainer was a small introduction to the world of training and development, and now working at Harley-Davidson University, I am able to use a variety of my skills in organizing content on the Learning Management System (LMS), manage translated content, and create eLearning courses for internal (HDMC employees) and external users (dealership network). I have always had a natural talent for making processes and environments more effective and efficient and I have loved putting that passion to practice creating job aids and developing workflows.

Before joining HDU, I spent a few years in the Marketing industry as a Marketing Coordinator, where I was able to gain experiences developing email campaigns, working in various Content Management Systems (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs). I also learned and applied SEO best practices, created written and visual content, and worked directly with clients to determine marketing goals.

I am very active in my free time and can be found doing anything from road or mountain biking to working in my vegetable garden, planning road trips, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing.