Success Story- Erika P.

When I started at Anytime Fitness, I was a size 16 and just over 200 pounds.  Working out on my own and eating what I thought was a good plan did give me initial results, but then I plateaued.  I knew if I wanted to see real results, I needed some help.  After working with Jessica Helmlinger, I’ve noticed such a change.  I’ve lost another few sizes, am developing great muscle tone and am now over halfway to my goal weight.  Jessica has been awesome! The workout plans are challenging, but not overwhelming.  It’s such a great feeling when during our sessions she sets the weight, and I say “that’s too light; let’s go higher.”  She’s provided great nutritional advice and is always willing to answer questions and provide recipes.  I don’t think I could have made this type of progress without her guidance.  I look forward to continuing my journey to a healthier and thinner self.