Success Story- Jessi B. and the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I met Jessi at Anytime Fitness in Cedarburg a few years ago when she signed up to do a 3 week fitness study we were doing.  Jessi and I clicked right away and I have been training her ever since.  Jessi has had many ups and downs, but she always gets back up and keeps at it.  I am so proud of the progress she has made in just a few short months with Advocare and the 24 day challenge! 

I, as many pejessiople do, struggle with weight loss. Always have, probably always will. Thanks to my lovely genes (thanks Dad!). Jess has been my trainer and friend for a while now. I am a stop and start person with sadly more stops in my progress due to my own slip ups. Getting frustrated when I don’t see lots of progress is a trigger for me to hit a stop time frame.  Jess knows this and still doesn’t give up on me (which I must say, she must be a saint of sorts because even I am frustrated with the barriers I put up for myself).  Anyways, on to the point of this! Since Jess doesn’t give up on me, she always keeps me in mind with health and fitness ideas. When Jess mentioned the Advocare 24 day challenge over the holiday season I thought yes, let’s try this.  As a vegetarian and a horrible cook I am often missing vital nutrients and vitamins in my daily food intake.  Ironically enough, I often don’t eat enough causing my body to store what it has instead of burning the bad stuff. The 24 day challenge and Advocare as a whole sounded like something I wanted to give a try. The 24 day challenge came and went. I lost a few pounds, felt better and was noticing more energy. I still wanted more results of course, because who doesn’t when it comes to losing weight?  When doing the 24 day challenge I drank Spark energy drink.  I enjoyed it, but I was still drinking diet soda and energy drinks. I read the posts on Facebook and other blogs about how bad they are for you but I ignored it. I work overnight and 12 hours shifts at a domestic abuse shelter.  Diet Rockstar energy drinks were my weakness. I needed them to function. Again, after seeing posts about people finding rats in their energy drinks (Thanks Facebook for what I hope to be a false story) I thought about what else I could use for energy. Realizing that my bank account was not appreciative of buying 12 packs of soda or the 2 for $3 energy drinks I thought, why not just drink Spark I have from the challenge?   I had cut back on soda and energy drinks since the end of November after I turned 30 and had my “oh my gosh this is ridiculous I’m 30” moment.  From the end of November to mid January I lost 20lbs. This to me was amazing. I realized that cutting out soda and energy drinks and replacing it with Spark was actually helping. Jess was right all 5,242 times she told me to stop drinking them!  So that is that. I am no longer a soda drinker. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Thinking about the fact that I stopped drinking soda after 25 years (ick!) of drinking it is kind of awesome. I think that writing this is also what I needed to get me back on track and be back on the start mode. So, if you see me at the gym…remind me to stay in the start position! I will report back after a few more months of Advocare products in my system and toxins out!