Success Story- Cheri B.

I have never really had a major weight issue in my life. Iʼve had periods where I was up a few pounds after the birth of my children, or normal weight fluctuation over winter, however once I hit 50, my metabolism began to change. Coupled with the fact that I had finally quit smoking, not only did the pounds begin to creep on….but my energy level really began to decline.

My sister and I have been dedicated walking partners for over 15 years, but when she suggested joining Anytime Fitness, I balked! I had been to other athletic clubs during my life, and frankly, they were not for me. I felt joining a club to walk on a treadmill or use an elliptical machine or exercise bike was a serious waste of time and money….not to mention the fact that I really didnʼt want to work out in front of an audience. My sister persisted, and talked me into checking out the facility and talking to the staff. After careful consideration, I suggested if we join I wanted to work with a trainer. It was the only way I felt I would not only benefit the most from the use of the equipment, but also stay on track and keep myself committed. And so….I took the plunge!

Jessica began working with me and taught me the importance of setting goals that were realistic, and educated me on using the Anytime Health website to track my caloric intake and exercise so I was eating the correct food and maintaining portion control. Tracking my food was a real eye-opener! Besides keeping me in check with calorie intake, it also showed me the correct balance of protein, fiber, carbs, etc to keep me healthy and keep my energy level up.

Of course, working out was a major component to my success, and Jessica kept my workouts interesting and challenging. Not only did she teach me the importance of changing up my work-outs, she geared them to suit me and help me with my problem spots. She didnʼt let me slack because of my age….thatʼs for sure! I think she had more confidence in my ability than I did, and she pushed me and made me responsible for my own success by holding me accountable at bi-weekly weigh-ins.

I feel really great, and I have learned so much thanks to Jessica. I have reached my weight goal, and am now working to maintain my weight and do additional strengthening and toning. This may prove to be just as challenging as reaching my initial goal, since itʼs easy to allow myself “treats” now that Iʼve gotten to the weight I want to be. I will definitely recommend Anytime Fitness to my friends, and plan on being a member for as long as I can!

Thanks so much, Jessica, for helping me achieve my goal! Iʼm going to feel great at my daughterʼs wedding!