Success Story- Amanda S.

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I started my weight loss journey about 2 ½ years ago, spring of 2010, when I reached my highest weight of 147.5 pounds. Seeing this number woke me up and made me realize that I needed to do something about where my weight was going. I joined weight watchers online for about a year, and was successful at keeping off the 18 pounds I lost until the summer of 2011. That September I got married, and after about a month or two, slowly started to put on a few pounds here and there. By January of 2012 I decided something more needed to be done. My husband and I decided to join a gym, the first gym I have belonged to, so I was a little nervous. I have never been much into exercise, and hadn’t been truly active for probably about 7 years. I needed a push start and had a free personal training session to use so I decided to try it out. I wasn’t sure about the one on one attention seeing as I had no clue what I was doing, but Jessica was awesome and made me feel comfortable. Doing that one personal training session made me realize that I really didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing in the gym. Sure I could do cardio, but lifting weights or anything else, I was lost. This time I wanted to be healthy and truly feel better about myself and not just reach a number on the scale. So I decided Jessica was the way to help me achieve my goal. When I started training with Jessica I weighed 137.5 pounds. I reached my goal weight of 122 pounds about 7 months into training with her. I am now 5 pounds under my goal weight and maintaining it almost 11 months later. I feel so much healthier than I used to, and never want to go back to where I let myself go. My confidence in myself and what I can achieve is all thanks to Jessica, for pushing me, supporting me, and keeping me interested in working out. She has given me a variety of workouts targeting certain areas. Jessica knows what she is talking about, and if I am doing something wrong she will fix how I am doing it so I get the most out of my workout. She not only helped me out in the gym, but also at home with my nutrition which was also a huge help. Thanks to Jessica I have the knowledge to keep on the path towards a healthy lifestyle, and the abilities to help me maintain it on my own.