New website- new updates!

Thanks for checking out my website and blog! I’ve had the site up for almost a week now and I’ve been updating many of the pages almost daily, so I thought I would highlight some of them to make them easier to find.

First, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out my first blog post about my Holiday fit challenge that I will be leading during the month of November.  The challenge will be a great way to get some healthy momentum going into the the Holiday season to prevent you from gaining weight and and getting out of your routine.  FYI- The average American GAINS 10LBS during the Holiday season!!!  More info about the challenge here.

Many of you know that I started teaching bootcamps outside Anytime Fitness this summer.  With daylight lacking these days and the weather becoming less predictable, the time has come to end bootcamps for the year.  The last class will be Friday 10/19 at 4:30pm at the gym. Newcomers and non-members are more than welcome, in fact, HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to try it out! I’d love to have the last class of the year fill up! First class is FREE, or $12 for anyone who’s already used their free class.  Shoot me a message or leave a comment if you’d like to come.

Next, I was recently accepted to be an affiliate for TRX Suspension Trainers and Trigger Point Performance Therapy.  TRX Suspension trainers are great for workouts at home or on the go, especially for people who travel a lot, and Trigger Point offers many great products for exercise recovery and injury prevention.  I am very excited to be able to offer all these wonderful products to friends and clients past, present, and future.  Check out the links on my Affiliate page or contact me for more info.

I now offer online/distance training! Many options available, contact me for more info.

And last but not least, I have been working on gathering and compiling Client Success stories.  I currently have Erica’s and Chrissy’s photos posted and I will be adding Joe and Guy very soon, with more to come!

Check back often for more updates and thanks again for reading!